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Dr Karl’s great moments in science: real or fake?

Dr Karl is back, but this time for the grown-ups. He'll explore the silliest science questions and cover the misconceptions that come with them.

Dr Karl is back, but this time he’s here for the grown-ups. What is real? What is the real colour of the Universe? Do you really use only 10% of your brain? Do the Seven Deadly Sins Still Exist? Can you quickly tell if a list of numbers is faked? Are we living in the Best, or the Worst, of Times? What generates more power on a weight and volume basis – the Mighty Sun or your Compost Pile? All this will be explored, and more.

Please note that unlike his previous talks at the Ri, this event is aimed at an adult audience. For young people that are keen to see Dr Karl, he will be back at the Ri in December.

21st Sep 2018  -  21st Sep 2018
7:00 pm   -   8:30 pm
The Royal Institution of Great Britain
The Royal Institution 21 Albemarle Street London, W1S 4BS
£16/£10 Adult/Concession

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